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climbThank you for your interest in the Foundation’s grant awards program.

Repeat applicants:

If you have applied for a grant award in the past and submitted your 501(c)(3) and other required financial information, click here for an expedited application.

First-time applicants:

Please complete the form provided. Note that you will be required to attach a copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) designation letter and a copy of your organization’s most recent financial statement.

PDFs, Excel documents (XLS, XLSX), Word documents (DOC, TXT) and images (GIF, JPG) are accepted. Please note: DOCX files are currently not accepted — they must be converted to DOC or PDF.


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Project Information

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Project description (include what kind of support exists for this project, the needs it will serve, and how the requested funding from YCCF would be used)::

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Financial and Legal Information

Is your organization tax exempt under the IRS Section 501(c)(3) or a unit of local government (e.g., school, library)?

If no, please provide the name and contact information of the person who will be responsible for accounting expenditures, or what 501(c)(3) will act as the fiscal sponsor.)


Be sure you have attached:

  • A copy of 501(c)(3) designation letter above
  • A copy of most recent financial statement above

Attachments (Optionally attach up to 4 files)

PDFs, Excel documents (XLS, XLSX), Word documents (DOC, TXT) and images (GIF, JPG) are accepted.

DOCX files are not accepted - please convert to PDF or DOC. If you have issues submitting this form, please check if you are uploading a DOCX file.

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